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Other Maine Symbols

Maine has a number of other symbols, many of which have been officially adopted by the Legislature:

Maine also has a State Tartan, designed in 1964 by Sol Gillis. It is the oldest State Tartan in the U.S. and is registered with the Scottish Tartans Society in Scotland. It was lost for awhile, but was rediscovered in 1987 by Warren E. Blake of Jefferson, Maine. The Maine Tartan was first woven in Maine by Jane Holmes of Plymouth, ME in 1988 and items made from the fabric are made and sold by her company, the Maine Tartan and Tweed Co. Items made out of the Maine Tartan are also available from the Maine State Museum Gift Shop in Augusta.

Maine State Tartan, 1964

Light blue stands for the sky; dark blue for the waters; green for the forests; and the red bloodline for the people of Maine.

By the mid-eighteenth century, the Plymouth Colony had established forts along the Kennebec River in Maine for the purposes of fur trading. By 1765, this corporation had developed a separate seal for these operations.

Plymouth Colony Seal used in Maine 1765

The New England Flag of 1775 was remembered by Lincoln County when they were adopting a flag in 1977. Many Lincoln County men rushed off to Boston in 1775 to fight for independence and a regiment raised solely in Lincoln County saw action at Bunker Hill.

Flag of Lincoln County, 1977 (New England Flag, 1775)

Huguenot Society of Maine, 1991

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