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Good design for flags is a matter of combining the basic shapes, proportions and design elements into a pleasing, usually simple, striking pattern that contains the necessary symbolism. Each design element -- shape, colors, emblem -- can have any of a number of symbolic interpretations, many of which are purely of a personal type. Although there are "standard" symbolic meanings, many other "non-standard" symbolisms are possible.

There are a few basic tenants of "good vexillography":

See also Philippe Bondurand's "Vexillographie: Comment dessiner un drapeau (7 rules to design good flags)."

I have compiled the following pages of design elements for good flag design. Please note the following: the elements illustrated are not an exhaustive list, rather they are illustrative and there are many hundreds more elements that could be pictured on my pages. Also, any resemblence to existing flags is purely coincidental or freudian, I'm not sure which!

Following are links to pages of some of the original flags I have designed over the years. I have selected what I consider my very best in each area.

Also, here are links to my other flag sites:

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